This is an Actual Email

Chris & Edith have been available to me 24/7 even on weekends and odd hours. There were times when I could not reach you and Chris would call to politely let me know you were gonna call back. This is why I continuously come back to you for services. I have only seen 100% dedication and great response time. Excellent customer service. … [Read more...]

Jackie Riley 2012

"Chris and his crew are a pleasure to work with. Their no nonsense attitude, and their ability to get things done in a timely manner are what sold me. I know I never have to worry about calling in anyone else if there is a problem, TRM is always there when needed, spot on with their handling of issues and extremely professional. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a property management … [Read more...]

JD Smith Texas 2012

Thank you for connecting. As you're aware I'm sure, I'm a client of yours and I have been extremely happy with your service at Trenton's Rental Management. … [Read more...]

Bruce La Froscia – Managing Partner – JKBL, LLC New York 2007

To it May Concern: I have been using the services of Trenton Rental Management & Investor Services, LLC for the past year for several properties in the city of Trenton, NJ.  They find quality tenants and collect rents for me.  I find Chris and Edith  to be very professional and able to get the job done quickly. Although I repair my own properties, Trenton Rentals offers total 100% … [Read more...]

Cherrie Lu New York 2007

To Whom it may concern, I’m a NJ real estate investor and have several rental properties in Trenton area. For me, the most important decision in the process of renting my property  is choosing the correct Property Manager. A good Property Manager can help save you time, reduce stress, save you money and make things run smoothly while your property generates cash flow and increases in … [Read more...]

Raj lyengar New Jersey 2007

I recently purchased a 3-unit investment property from a company that was supposed to manage this property for FREE for the first year and 5% management for the second year. Their response was very good prior to purchasing the property and all along they have been saying that they own and manage quite a lot of rental properties in Trenton and on each of their properties there will be a FOR RENT … [Read more...]

Guy Buono New York 2007

To the crew at TRM, I would like to express my thanks and gratitude for your professionalism with handling my properties lt is comforting to know that, while I live out of state, should a problem arise it will be handled promptly. Phone calls are returned quickly and questions are answered correctly. I feel confident when you guys can handle everything from renting my properties to collecting … [Read more...]

Owner/Landlord Philadelphia 2006

Dear Landlord/lnvestor, As a property Owner of an 8 unit building with a full time job, I found it difficult to take care of all the needs and requirements that such a building requires. Trenton's Rental Management takes care of all the time consuming hassles that the Tenants as well as the building its self requires. They have filled the vacant apartments, meeting and showing potential tenants … [Read more...]

Amir Israel 2012

"Yep, chris is a great guy - he puts his heart into his work - this is the reason he gets pissed off from time to time - if he wouldn't care, he wouldn't get pissed off." … [Read more...]