Raj lyengar New Jersey 2007

I recently purchased a 3-unit investment property from a company that was supposed to manage this property for FREE for the first year and 5% management for the second year. Their response was very good prior to purchasing the property and all along they have been saying that they own and manage quite a lot of rental properties in Trenton and on each of their properties there will be a FOR RENT sign. This actually generates quite a few responses for rental.
On an average they would get 20-25 inquiries for rental and after thorough screening, they would short-list I or 2 tenants. I never got their management agreement Initially, when I spoke with one of their senior officers, he told me that their rental management agreement is more of a hand-shake. I should have verified some references. You do not doubt senior officers of a company lying like this. Very very unprofessional.

Like the proverb says, you can cheat some people sometimes, but definitely not all the time.

Well, I was taken for a ride after I purchased this property from them. They started to show their true colors.
Calls to their mobile weren’t returned. They have set up their phone system where you have to say your name prior to connecting the call to them.
Initially, the phone would say that they are on another call, but after a few seconds, the message would say that they are not available. They practically do not have the habit of returning the calls. I have my past due rents to the tune of a few thousand dollars.
Someone recommended Trenton Rental Management and Investor Services. First time, I was able to talk to Chris who sent me the complete management agreement and how they operate which was exactly what I was looking for. Out of about six times I had to call up Trenton Rental Management, I was able to talk to either Chris or Edith 5 times, and one time I had to leave a message, and with in minutes my call was returned. Chris and Edith seem to know a lot about Trenton which is really very good for me.
Thanks to a friend of mine to recommend Trenton Rental Management I would highly recommend Trenton Rental Management to any one who is looking for a pleasant surprise.