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What we do at Trenton’s Rental Management & Investors Services:

We are an Investor and Landlord’s best friend, we offer many different options of Rental Management whether it be just finding you a quality Tenant to 100% Management of your property or maybe you just need us to do a Repair or an Eviction for you, there is nothing we are not capable of handling for you.

Finding a Tenant for you– If you have a vacant property and need a quality Tenant we have an excellent screening and background check program, we average 200 Rentals per Year with an Eviction rate of 10 Tenants per Year, that is only 5% Our program for quality Tenants has worked very well.

100% Management– Whether you have a Tenant or not we can find you the Tenant, then start 100% Management or we can take over with your existing Tenant. This type of Management is worry free.

We collect your Rent, stay on top of your late fees or payment schedules, remind you when you have to renew your tenants leases, handle Evictions if necessary, handle all calls from Tenants, do repairs ONLY after a free estimate and permission from you to do the work, we do not use your Rent money as payment, you will be Invoiced for everything we do.

Tenants cannot pay cash, they can only pay by money order or bank check made out to you or your LLC., we will send each Rent for every property you have directly to you. This ensures that you have total control of your money, any other way would be bad business.

PLEASE NOTE: Tenants will never have your phone number unless you chose to give it to them.

Just a Repair-If you Manage and get all your Tenants for your property and just need a free estimate for a Repair and then if you agree to the Repair price we can handle it for you if you choose.

Unless you do the repair yourself, we can do it cheaper and faster than most due to our volume discount and corporate pricing from our vendors, contractors and suppliers.

We also handle any City, State, Department of Consumer Affairs, Bank or Insurance Co. violations list or repair list, also locksmith, security and landscaping matters.

Eviction– If you need to do an Eviction on one of your properties and do not want to do it yourself, we can do the entire Eviction process for you.

Please note the following important item

TRM does not deposit your tenants security money. We will forward the security deposit to you the owner and you will be responsible to put it in an interest bearing escrow account.

For the Investor,

We do so much more than rent properties here at Trenton’s Rental Management & Investors Services, whether you are a new investor or a veteran, we have something to suit you, we can point you in the right direction if you need help with the following:

  • Finding homeowners insurance at a great price
  • Working with a good honest Real estate broker/agent
  • Locating an excellent title company
  • Talking to lawyers for different legal needs
  • Contacting one of the best mortgage brokers for a mortgage or re-finance
  • Discussing general questions about an investment property or rental problem.

Trenton’s Rental Management (TRM)

**NEW**Construction and Repair Image Gallery

We handle ALL aspects of Plumbing and Electrical:

Plumbing: Clogs, Sewer Backups, Toilets, Sinks, Showers, Gas or Oil Furnaces, Gas Lines, Shut Off Valves, Complete Re-piping for Rehabs or due to theft PSI Test on gas lines New Water Service or Sewer Lines Winterize or Un-Winterize properties and much more.
Electrical: New Service, Lighting, Breakers, Hardwire Carbon and Smoke Detectors, Electrical Panels, Complete House Wiring and much more.
*Note Plumbers and Electricians are licensed
Heater, Chimney, Roof, Electrical, Plumbing, Insurance and Lead Based paint.
Certifications can be obtained if needed.
We can get you permits on work that you have completed on your own that you did without the permit and now you are required to get one.
We handle ALL Heating and Air Conditioning issues:
Oil Systems, Tune Up, Clean Outs, Central Air Conditioning, Chimney sweeps and Heating related repairs.
Heater and Chimney Certifications, and much more.
Roofing, Siding, Windows, Masonry, Landscaping, Snow Removal, Exterior Painting, Roof Certifications
And much More.
Refrigerators, Stoves, Washers & Dryers (Please call to get prices; they vary for appliances listed above.)
Other Repairs:
Sheet Rock, Paint, Carpet, Yard, Garage, House and Apartment Cleanouts, House and Apartment Cleaning. No interior repair can not be handled. We also install Kitchens, Bathrooms, Finished Basements/Attics and much more.
We handle all City and State Violations as well as other Violations such as Insurance Violations, Lead Based Paint, Etc.
We do Full Rehabs for Burn-Outs, Short Sales, Foreclosures or for any other reason you may need a Rehab.
We can handle all emergencies in just hours even boarding up and securing a property due to a break-in. We also have a 24 Hour Emergency Hot Line.


**We can get FREE estimates on almost all aspects of work, please call for confirmation as these are determined case by case . If we have missed any of your needs, feel free to give us a call at (609) 392-0123 or (732) 696.8088
***Please note: We will get permits for all jobs. The cost of the permit is included in the quoted price
Other Services We Provide:
Locksmiths, Security Alarms & Systems, Cameras, Doors, Fire Escapes and Welding.
Any Architectural plans or work needed From a Architect.
Short Sales, Foreclosures, Buys & Sell And Great insurance quotes.
Legal Works:
We can handle eviction process for you from start to finish, also including metting with marshals for lock out.
Utility Companies: Electric, Gas, Water
We can meet either one of the utility companies to have your service turned On or Off. We can also meet City, State or Insurance Inspectors as well

Mercer County Residents – There is Help
City of Trenton Information:
How does one license a rental property?
Before moving into a rental property, should an inspection be completed?
Are tenants responsible for providing their own Smoke Detectors or Carbon Monoxide Detector in rental properties?
5 Year Cyclical Inspections FAQs.
Landlords & Tenants.


It is our pleasure to serve YOU.

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