City Inspection Info

Douglas H. Palmer – Mayor
Leonard M. Pucciatti – Director

Dear Licensed Landlord:

We are in receipt of your 2012 Non Occupant Property Owner license renewal application. This process is one that helps us to ensure that all rental properties meet the minimum standards of  habitability as described in Chapter 132 of the Revised General Ordinances of the City of Trenton.

All properties are inspected once every five years. Additionally, upon each change of occupancy, the City must be contacted for inspection. This process serves to protect your investment so that a record is maintained of the condition of your property on a regular basis. If needed, this information can be used in court to hold tenants accountable for damages. To request this service, please contact 989-3560 at least three days prior to the anticipated change in occupancy.

Please be reminded that frequent turnover affects a neighborhood’s quality of life; therefore,I ask that as a property owner, you seek to respect your neighbors by properly storing and disposing all discarded household debris upon vacating a property. The City will remove large items if a special pick up is requested by calling 989-3175 twenty- four hours prior to the designated trash pick up day.

Furthermore, please be reminded that placement of rental signs should only posted on the property itself. All other locations, including trees and utility poles should not be used to post signs or advertisements

The City of Trenton seeks to work with you to protect your property and ensure that all citizens are afforded the opportunity to live in homes that meet the minimum standards of habitability. It is through these efforts that residents’ quality of  life will be improved and maintained in all neighborhoods. Should you require additional information, please contact Walter Simmins, the Housing Division Director at 989-3564.

Leonard M. Pucciatti

319 East State Street, Trenton NJ 08608-1865
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