Owner/Landlord Philadelphia 2006

Dear Landlord/lnvestor,

As a property Owner of an 8 unit building with a full time job, I found it difficult to take care of all the needs and requirements that such a building requires.
Trenton’s Rental Management takes care of all the time consuming hassles that the Tenants as well as the building its self requires. They have filled the vacant apartments, meeting and showing potential tenants the property they have guys that do that all day and are great at what they do, they also as screen the tenants to ensure that they are qualified for the rental. This saves me the trip and the time, most of the time you meet a potential tenant they may just be shopping around or still have a month or more time to find a place and you may need to meet more than a dozen tenants before finding the one that can and will move in and be qualified.

They take care of all complete management as well, which includes the Rent collecting, collecting late fees if tenant is late, fielding all the calls, they have Plumbers, Contractors, Electricians and Roofers just to mention a few that give us free estimates and take care of all the repairs.

Chris has many years of experience and is always happy to lend it when you may need it. Chris and his employees work very hard to make both the investors and tenants life much easier.

I highly recommend their services to anyone who needs some help in managing their work and their investment.