About TRM

About Chris Carlino “CEO/Owner”

Chris is the CEO and Owner of Trenton’s Rental Management (TRM) in New Jersey. He brings to TRM over 25 years of Rental and Management experience. This expertise allows Chris to provide Property Owners/Landlords with a smooth, well-thought-out, organized and effective way of managing their properties. He always treats Landlords houses and apartments as if they were his own, putting forth best efforts to match up the Tenant with their ideal property. He always keeps in mind both the Landlord and Tenant’s best interests.

Chris works very hard for both the Property Owners and Tenants, helping them every step of the way (whether for management services or for a potential rental). Over the years, Chris has established many contacts with Trenton officials, Caseworkers, Inspectors, Marshalls and Supervisors and is aware of the different renting processes that both Landlords and Tenants may encounter along the way.

TRM has a list of reputable vendors to assist with any work or repairs needed for the property. Some of the vendors include: “in house” licensed Electricians, Contractors, Roofing & Siding and Plumbers.

If a situation arises, Chris is notified and takes immediate action. His approach to handling an issue is the following:

  • Contact the owner.
  • Receive complete (100%) approval from the owner to remedy the situation, (only after owner knows pricing and options), or follow instructions provided by the owner.
  • Contact the appropriate vendor to promptly fix the problem.
  • An Invoice will be provided to the owner after the service has been provided and the repair has been corrected.

Note: TRM never utilizes the Property Owner’s rent money toward any of the repairs that they might need.

Thinking in the Property Owner’s best interest, all the Tenant Rent checks are made out to the Owner’s name, not to Trenton’s Rental Management.

Chris never leaves earlier than 7pm and has worked as late as 2am, to make sure that everything is 100% for everyone.

Chris is recognized by the Property Owners and the Tenants as a very honest, straight forward person who will work hard for both sides to meet everyone’s needs. Punctual, well organized, specific yet simple, accessible and intelligent, Chris gives 110% of himself to the people, entities and companies who he works with.

Chris is very professional and is completely involved in the Tenant placing process. He personally interviews each and every applicant to ensure the most qualified tenant is chosen.

Chris will review all the rules and stipulations with the Tenants before they leave any deposit, so they are well informed of what is expected from them by the Property Owner. Tenants are given all of the alternates, if they are available, before going into contract with anyone. Chris works with the Tenants to make sure they understand the lease and the terms the Property Owner/Landlord has set forth, especially if there are special considerations. The end result is an agreement with the Tenant and the Landlord, and both parties are happy with the arrangement.


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