Cherrie Lu New York 2007

To Whom it may concern,

I’m a NJ real estate investor and have several rental properties in Trenton area. For me, the most important decision in the process of renting my property  is choosing the correct Property Manager. A good Property Manager can help save you time, reduce stress, save you money and make things run smoothly while your property generates cash flow and increases in value.
Trenton’s Rental management and investor service is the most reliable and outstanding property management company I ever worked with. The owner, Chris and his excellent team members provide the most efficient services with high standards. Their responsibilities have included tenant recruitment, inspecting apartments, performing emergency and routine repair work, taking tenants complaints, file eviction, making sure vacant apartment look presentable, and keeping track of the rent collection, etc.
Their professional experience and diligent work had an amazing impact on the appearance and financial turn around at my properties. The properties were near half vacant and rental income had lost track for a few months  when Trenton’s Rental management and investor service took over. They turned things around almost immediately, and as a result we are expecting our second year of profit.
They make my investment life worry-free. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.